You Only Need 3 Minutes Your Teeth Will Be Whiter Than Ever. Save Yourself Going To The Dentist


Most people want to have a flawless smile, therefore they should have much care. Also, your teeth naturally yellow as you age, but there are some things you can do to prevent stains on your teeth.

Essential thing to do every day is brushing the teeth in the morning and at night at least , in addition to flossing and mouthwash.

For those people that wish to have white teeth, we will recommend an incredible remedy. This remedy will prevent you to go to the dentist. However, most dentists offer whitening treatments that are much stronger than these natural remedies.

Do you dare to try, you will use only three minutes of your time?

Recipe for your white teeth

One of the ingredients we need to have our completely white teeth is activated carbon. It is nothing more than a coal that has been treated with gas to purify it completely. Also, to make it porous material that absorbs impurities from the surrounding environment.


  • A toothbrush (will be exclusive for this use).
  • Activated charcoal capsules or powder.

Preparation method:

1 (first) step: Wet the toothbrush with water as you usually do.

2 (second) step: After you put the contents of the capsules or coal dust on the bristles of the brush (recommended usage of paper towel underneath to avoid staining the bathroom surfaces).

3 (third) step: Now that you have applied the contents, brush your teeth with a lot of energy and acicular motion, ahead and behind the teeth. This should be done about 3 minutes.

4 (fourth) step: Ejects the contents of your mouth and rinse thoroughly with clean water.

This process should be repeated only once a week and the result will be seen.


Avoid beverages like tea, coffee or red wine: Brush immediately after eating or drinking foods with dark color, and use good home tooth whitening or go to the dentist.

Avoid snuff:  The snuff darkens teeth gradually and significantly contributing directly to the development of diseases of the mouth such as gingivitis and periodontitis, smokers and causing very unpleasant and visible problems.

Change your toothbrush: You must change your toothbrush at least every two months, otherwise you will transfer bacteria to your mouth.

Now that you know how to whiten your teeth hope that you carry out this incredible remedy and will see results, soon. We appreciate your time for reading this article, share and leave us your comments.